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『Final payment notification』

2023-08-08    Information

『Final payment notification』

Produced by Astrum Design, super popular artist NaBaBa design 《Debris》will be shipped one after another from June 20, 2023. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Please make the final payment by June 30~

Ruten store link: https://www.ruten.com.tw/item/show?22227672581206


Name: Alix "Debris" Vasileva

Illustration: NaBaBa 

Production: Astrum Design

Scale: 1/6

Size: H ~290mm

Material: PVC+ABS

- Regular Version Final payment: 738 CNY

- The regular version comes with a postcard

- Deluxe Edition Final payment: 823 CNY

- The deluxe version comes with a postcard

- The deluxe version comes with a wall hanging art 30x40cm

Please check and confirm the delivery address again before payment, and read the instructions carefully before opening the package and installing the product, so as not to cause trouble to you.

In case of after-sales problems, you can private message the customer service of the store where you purchased them, or you can send the store name, order number, specific questions and related photos to astrum.akatsuki@gmail.com, sorry for the inconvenience caused, thank you Your support for #AstrumDesign !