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[Announcement] 雨天决行-Uten Announcement!

2023-02-16    Information


Guess who's back, Yes RainyBlueBell is coming!

Produced by Astrum Design, the virtual image of " Utenkekkou" in RainyBluebell from Siki Painting is coming out to meet you!

As in the lyrics of 《INTRO the SHOOTING STARS COMIN'》"数年ぶり 彗星の如く舞い戻った".

This time, the image of " Utenkekkou" is based on the iconic short green hair, dark green jacket and black leather skirt. The jacket with wind-bell accessories makes the whole fresh and not monotonous, holding a microphone symbolizes the identity of the singer, and the lower half of the tight skirt wraps the white thighs, seducing the senses to coalesce again, and the small figure is hidden between the dress, presenting the image of a young girl with an umbrella.

Character name:#utenkekkou 

Original Painting:SIKI


Scale: 1/7

Artwork size: 221MM high (including base)

Material: PVC + ABS

Pre-sale opening date: January 13


Capture One Catalog9458.jpg

Capture One Catalog9489.jpg

Capture One Catalog9467.jpg