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[Delay Notification] "White Bunny Girl" shipment postpone to Auguest

2022-07-01    Information

[Delay Notification]

After several quality assurance sampling tests, we have found some "White Bunny Girl"   PVC have major defects that are not able to correct.In order to ensure the final quality of the product, we decided to postpone the shipment to Auguest, specific date will be announced.

We reached an agreement with the factory to remanufacture all the defective parts. We apologize for the delay.

We will make sure every "White Bunny Girl" arrive in their best condition.The defective products will be destroyed to avoid reselling on the second hand market to the hands of costumers, and has been replenished with parts repainted.

Thank you for your understanding.

In order to compensate everyone, we now add the following gifts to all players.

- 7cm "white bunny girl" expression acrylic stand