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『New product』LUNA

2022-02-16    Platform information

Role introduction:

"LUNA" wears a black mask, and the coat is half stripped to reveal the fragrant shoulder. At the same time, it also shows the boldly designed high split underwear. The feet in sports shoes stand on tiptoe gently to better show the soft curve from thigh to calf After the original role "LUNA" of the painter YD teacher, Astrum Design was a member of the handmade beauty model group! She wears carefully matched clothes, showing an unprepared look to you.


Work Details:

Name: LUNA                                                                      Size:1/7(H ~250mm)

Material:ABS+PVC                                                                  Time:2022.2.16

Production:Astrum Design                                                       Illustration:YD





Standard Edition: $143

Note: Free replacement header with purchase of any version